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Donna V:

“It has been a delightful experience to work with Gabriel. As an editor he is honest and patient with my work, but most importantly, very encouraging to this novice writer. He hears my voice and clarifies my words so others can hear it. He always gives me a clear timeframe of when his edits will be returned, and he keeps to his word. I would not have accomplished my goals without his kindness and excellence."        


Leslie F:


“I couldn’t have asked for a better, more supportive editor during my time as a doctoral student. Gabriel’s comments, questions, and edits were accurate, and he helped me take my writing from rough drafts to polished finished products. I plan to continue to work with him in the future, and I’d enthusiastically recommend Gabriel to other writers and academics.” 


Gray B:


“The best editor is also a writer. Gabriel Cohen is an accomplished novelist and a masterful editor. Grammar, style, action, plotting, pacing, characterization—he will help make them all come together. He knows the struggle and will professionally structure and help guide your manuscript toward publication, and champion it like an ally.”

Kieran O.:

“Thank you for your notes about my novel manuscript. Your advice and guidance were invaluable, and helped me improve it greatly”