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About My Editing


Do you have a novel or memoir that you're hoping to publish? Do you have a graduate thesis or dissertation that you need to polish? Do you have a professional document that you'd like to improve?


Today’s publishing world is highly competitive, and that’s why it’s essential to put your best foot forward when presenting work to an agent or editor. That means getting it in the best shape possible before showing it around.


I have worked on a wide range of manuscripts, from novels and memoirs to graduate dissertations. My goals as an editor are simple but fundamental. After I’ve worked on your manuscript, it should be clearer, stronger, and more appealing. You should feel more confident and energized about showing your work to publishing professionals, or publishing it yourself.


As a writing professor in New York City, I teach my graduate students and undergraduates that the point of critiquing is not to judge someone else’s writing—it’s to help them improve it. A good critique should be guided by four main objectives: to let the writer know what is working best in a manuscript; to give specific, useful feedback about what might need rewriting; to offer clear, helpful edits and suggestions; and—last, but definitely not least—to leave the writer feeling excited and enthusiastic about revision. I bring that same philosophy to my editing.                                                                                                                                            —Gabriel Cohen

Document with Pen


Like many independent editors, I offer different levels of services.


Many editors can do basic copyediting, getting rid of misspellings and typos and checking the grammar, but I can also line edit your manuscript, increasing the clarity and effectiveness of your sentences, making sure they flow and mean what you want them to.


On a macro level, I can do developmental editing, giving you specific feedback about what is and isn’t working in terms of plot, characterization, tone, structure, and other large-scale concerns, and offering suggestions for improvement.

I can also give you an overall manuscript consultation, summarizing what would help you improve it.

As a bonus, I can act as a coach, encouraging you to keep moving forward with your manuscript, and helping you complete it.

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